With the dawning of the 21st Century, the world progressed quickly with new technology, science, and modern marvels. New discoveries and advancements in fitness and health promised a bright future, where everyone would enjoy long, happy, and healthy lives.


However, little did anyone suspect that trouble was brewing...


In a hidden, dark corner of the earth, the villains of G.L.U.E. (Gross League of Unhealthy Extremes) began to expand and gain power. Their main goal—to destroy all things healthy and take over the world!


Together, the mighty Fit Heroes (and real-life Fit Heroes at home—you) use their special powers can save the world from the G.L.U.E


Who are the Fit Heroes? 


The Fit Heroes are comprised of five lively cartoon characters who represent health and fitness of the mind and body. The Fit Heroes' mission is to make the world a more healthy place and to combat the villains of G.L.U.E. (Gross League of Unhealthy Extremes). 

The Fit Heroes stories take children on action-packed, fun and exciting adventures full of twists and turns, all while teaching them life-long skills, how to make healthy and wise decisions, and other essential education. Most importantly, children are guided to find and cultivate the Fit Hero inside themselves. 


Fit Heroes draws in both children and adults by combining entertainment with education. The content addresses specific areas within the realm of children’s fitness, nutrition, health, self-esteem, kindness towards others/anti-bullying, and overall physical & mental well-being.

The Fit Heroes are coming in early 2021!! Please check back often for updates! 

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