About Us

Our Mission: To make fitness fun for kids! 

The Problem

All around the world, children’s physical and mental health is becoming increasingly worse. The problem is spreading, and childhood obesity rates are at an all-time high. Kids are also struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, low self-esteem, and bullying. As screen time usage is increasing, their mental and physical health is subsequently declining. Without ways to fight back against the threats contributing to the decline in our kids’ health, things will only get worse!

The Truth

Our kids need a hero. They need to be inspired, motivated, empowered, and educated to be more fit and healthy, and be encouraged to be kind and loving to others, including themselves. Kids need compelling resources that will show them how to combat the terrible forces of unkindness and unhealthy living that the world is constantly throwing at them. But how? 

Kids love cartoon characters. They also learn best from those they look up to the most. Positive superheroes inspire kids to believe in themselves and help others. Imagine the power and effect it would have on kids if these elements were combined, resulting in relatable cartoon superheroes who inspire and motivate them to be kind and live healthy, fit lives.

The Solution

Kendra Kessel is a mom, educator, and family fitness expert with a deep love for fitness and children’s wellbeing. She’s also a huge fan of superheroes and games. In hopes of finding a solution for the growing problem, she combined her passions into an idea that will forever change the future of children's health.

It has always been Kendra’s dream and mission in life to help kids in ways that would truly get through to them. Using her special skill-set and unique superpowers, she assembled the Fit Heroes concepts, characters, stories, and cartoons. 

Kendra had the vision, but she knew the Fit Heroes needed someone with exceptional artistic abilities to bring her superheroes to life. She teamed up with her superhero artist friend, Vic Guiza, and the Fit Heroes came to life! 

The Bright Future

The Fit Heroes educate, empower, and entertain kids of all ages. With unique personalities, backgrounds and abilities, all children can benefit from the knowledge the Fit Heroes deliver. The characters serve as guides and role models, captivating the attention of kids and inspiring them to be kind and loving to all, while also making healthy choices every day. They foster creativity and make learning exciting and fun, while building up confidence and self-esteem. Fit Heroes help kids create amazing lives of purpose and joy, as they become stronger and healthier, both physically and mentally.


The magic of Fit Heroes is that it helps kids find the mighty Fit Hero inside themselves, allowing them to discover their own special superpowers.

Together, as parents, grandparents, and educators, we can help our kids dream and bring their own epic superhero story to life!

You and your kids are part of the Fit Heroes story. WE are Fit Heroes! Our story is just beginning...

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